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Last updated
Duo Defeat+218 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+88 Score0 Kill
Duo Top 12+430 Score6 Kills
Duo Top 5+525 Score7 Kills
Duo Defeat+323 Score3 Kills
Duo Top 12+395 Score8 Kills
Duo Defeat+361 Score5 Kills
Duo Top 5+525 Score10 Kills
Duo Top 5+565 Score16 Kills
Duo Defeat+327 Score5 Kills
Duo Top 12+390 Score5 Kills
Duo Top 5+525 Score8 Kills
Duo Defeat+128 Score4 Kills
Duo Defeat+126 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+356 Score7 Kills
Duo Defeat+200 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+157 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+338 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+95 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+57 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+348 Score4 Kills
Duo Defeat+208 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+211 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+214 Score0 Kill
Duo Victory+785 Score8 Kills
Duo Defeat+204 Score5 Kills
Duo Defeat+114 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+252 Score3 Kills
Duo Top 5+525 Score12 Kills
Duo Defeat+176 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+347 Score5 Kills
Duo Victory+725 Score12 Kills
Duo Victory+805 Score9 Kills
Duo Victory+745 Score7 Kills
Duo Defeat+246 Score4 Kills
Duo Defeat+210 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 12+243 Score1 Kill
Duo Victory+725 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+99 Score0 Kill
Last Week6/4/2019 - 6/10/2019
Duo Defeat+133 Score5 Kills
Duo Defeat+280 Score7 Kills
Duo Top 12+250 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+158 Score2 Kills
Duo Top 12+450 Score5 Kills
Duo Defeat+305 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+85 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 12+390 Score7 Kills
Duo Top 5+485 Score8 Kills
Duo Defeat+124 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+208 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+92 Score0 Kill
Duo Top 5+505 Score8 Kills
Duo Defeat+17 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+251 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+280 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+265 Score4 Kills

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