Last updated
Squad Defeat+179 Score3 Kills
Squad Victory+705 Score11 Kills
Squad Victory+705 Score12 Kills
Squad Victory+685 Score6 Kills
Squad Victory+687 Score6 Kills
Squad Top 3+485 Score11 Kills
Last Week11/1/2019 - 11/7/2019
Squad Defeat+17 Score0 Kill
Squad Defeat+235 Score9 Kills
Squad Victory+665 Score10 Kills
Squad Victory+665 Score5 Kills
Squad Victory+665 Score3 Kills
Duo Top 5+475 Score2 Kills
Squad Defeat+72 Score1 Kill
Squad Victory+685 Score5 Kills
Squad Defeat+21 Score0 Kill
Squad Victory+705 Score10 Kills
Squad Defeat+78 Score3 Kills
Squad Victory+665 Score4 Kills
Squad Top 6+412 Score7 Kills
Squad Victory+665 Score6 Kills
Solo Top 25+280 Score0 Kill
Solo Defeat+42 Score0 Kill
Solo Top 10+355 Score0 Kill
Solo Top 10+425 Score2 Kills
Solo Defeat+193 Score1 Kill

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