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Last updated
Solo Defeat+112 Score0 Kill
Solo Top 25+370 Score3 Kills
Solo Top 10+465 Score4 Kills
Solo Defeat+55 Score0 Kill
Solo Top 25+339 Score4 Kills
Solo Defeat+222 Score2 Kills
Duo Top 5+405 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+179 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+325 Score2 Kills
Duo Top 5+425 Score3 Kills
Duo Top 12+314 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 12+280 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+144 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 5+495 Score2 Kills
Solo Defeat+160 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 5+405 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+34 Score0 Kill
Duo Top 5+535 Score3 Kills
Duo Victory+725 Score11 Kills
Duo Defeat+259 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+17 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+280 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+104 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+323 Score2 Kills
Solo Top 25+450 Score7 Kills
Solo Defeat+321 Score2 Kills
Solo Defeat+101 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+345 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+158 Score0 Kill
Duo Top 5+425 Score4 Kills
Duo Defeat+20 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+325 Score2 Kills
Duo Top 12+370 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+261 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+55 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+84 Score1 Kill
Duo Top 5+535 Score7 Kills
Last Week5/9/2019 - 5/14/2019
Duo Top 12+315 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+55 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+38 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+257 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+17 Score0 Kill
Duo Defeat+121 Score2 Kills
Duo Defeat+91 Score0 Kill
Duo Top 5+485 Score5 Kills
Duo Top 12+350 Score3 Kills
Duo Defeat+101 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+262 Score3 Kills
Duo Top 12+330 Score1 Kill
Duo Defeat+65 Score0 Kill

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